Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing Lisa!

            Just a brief note today.  I’ll get back to my regular post in a day or so.  First, I’d like to introduce you all to someone very special to me.  If you’ve read many of my older posts, you’d know I have a terrific critique partner and friend who has become indispensible to me.  Her name is Lisa Regan, and while I have often linked back to her main website here, I am pleased to announce that she has also joined our ranks right here on Blogger.
Lisa is an agented writer with two crime thrillers out on submission with various publishers.  Please run over to her blog at and take a peek at posts she’s pulled from her website.  And follow her, if you like what you see.    


Laila Knight said...

Thanks for the heads up, Nancy! It's great to have her on Blogger.

L.G.Smith said...

All the cool people are on Blogger. :P

Anonymous said...

Well, shucks. L.G. beat me to it AGAIN.

I'll go visit her, Nancy. Thanks for the link! Always fun to find new fellow bloggers and bloggeresses.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Heading over there now... always love to meet other thriller writers! Thanks, Nancy.

Lisa R. said...

Thank you, Nancy! That is too sweet! I appreciate it. And thanks everyone for coming over. I wish I could comment on my own blog so that I could respond to the comments you've left! I can't even comment on other peoples' blogs using my blogger ID. LOL. Nancy, you are the best.

Bryce: Bloggeresesses . . . I like that. By the way, I tried to comment on the comment you left earlier to say that Nancy can do no wrong. She is my rock, my best friend and my writing soul mate.

Laila: I haven't commented on your blog lately but I always read it with interest. You make me laugh.

Jennifer: I wish I was you! Not just because you have a book coming out next week but because you're going to meet Karin Slaughter! I am going to buy your book when it comes out because it sounds fabulous. Can't wait.

L.G. - Thanks!

M Pax said...

I'll have to pop over for a visit. Thanks for the link. :)