Monday, July 8, 2013

A Cover Reveal, a New Author Page, a Sale, and Some REALLY Cool News!

Present Perfect
Alison G. Bailey
Release Date: August 6, 2013
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover by Robin Harper of Wicked by Design


Amanda Kelly spent her entire life trying to control every aspect of it, while striving for perfection. Her obsession with being perfect, along with her feelings of worthlessness, consumed her. The one thing she thought was perfect in her life was the bond she shared with her best friend, Noah.

Everything was going according to her life plan until she woke up one day and realized she had fallen in love with him. The one thing she couldn’t control was the affect he had on her. Noah had the power to give her one hundred lifetimes of happiness, which also gave him the power to completely devastate her. He was the one thing in her life that was perfect, but she couldn't allow herself to have him.

Her life begins to unravel. Events take over and force her to let go of her dreams and desires. She needs to realize that a person cannot control the events in their life, only their reaction to them...but will it be too late for her to save her relationship with her best friend? Present Perfect is a story of how past events have present consequences and how perfect your present could be if you stopped fighting and just allowed it to happen.

Alison's dream cast!

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Alison was born and raised in Charleston, SC. As a child she used her imagination to write additional scenes to TV shows and movies that she watched. She attended Winthrop University and graduating with a BA in Theater. While at Winthrop she began writing one act plays which she later produced. Throughout the years she continued writing and producing several one act plays, but then life got in the way and she hung up her pen for a while. On the advice of a friend, she started writing again. In January 2013, Alison sat down at her computer and began writing her first novel, Present Perfect.

Alison lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, Jef, and their two furry children (dogs).  She’s addicted to Diet Pepsi and anything with sugar.

Alison's philosophy: Don't let your obstacles define you, let them refine you. At times life can get pretty overwhelming, but with a great support system and a lot of humor you can get through it. If you have humor in your life your spirit stays strong and you can tackle anything.

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Stacy Bailey Darnell


Starting NOW, I'm running a week-long special promotion.  The ebook version of my debut romantic thriller, The Mistaken, will be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!
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After much arm-wrangling and cajoling by many of my author friends,
I finally agreed to start my own author page on Facebook

And so now, I humbly beg, if you're on Facebook,
could you do a gal a favor and please, please, please go here and

Thank you!!!!


I went online to the King County Library System's website and found this...

Yes, that's my book, The Mistaken, on order,
sans cover art since they haven't received it yet.

But still, I cannot tell you how excited I am by this, because the KCLS doesn't ordinarily stock titles that have not been reviewed by Kirkus, the NY Times, or the Library Journal, yet there it is, on order and soon to be stocked on the shelves of Washington's most popular library system.  

And oh, by the way, in a few months time, it actually WILL be reviewed by the LJ!  

How cool is THAT?!


JeffO said...

Great stuff, Nancy--congratulations on the library, and may the sale bring you many new readers! Best of luck to you, Alison!

Stephen Tremp said...

Lots of good news to begin the week! Good luck to Alison! And I will stop by your FB Author Page this morning. Have a great week!

Andrew Leon said...

The library thing is cool. I need to try to get set up with my local library, but they have all sorts of hoops to go through.

mshatch said...

I liked your FB page :)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Congrats on getting noticed by the county library, your book sale and your new author page. Alison's book cover has a great colour scheme. I too am having something book related today on my blog.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome news, Nancy. So excited your book will be in the library system. And I liked your Facebook page.

Melissa said...

wow wow wow
Awesome news - all of it! :D

Anonymous said...

I already "Liked" you on FB . . . you have a lot already :-) Idk how you do it all!! Will promote your 99 cent sale tomorrow. Congrats on the library! I didn't even know the four libraries in my area ordered several copies until today when a lady of a local bookstore called to say she wanted to sell it after checking 18 Things out at the library and loving it! Made my day!

Lisa Regan said...

The library thing is way, way, way exciting! Yay for supporting local authors! I keep seeing this Present Perfect all over the place. It's not my usual fare but it's growing on me each time I read about it! :) Good luck to Alison!