Tuesday, August 13, 2013

May I Ask a Favor?

Look at me, two posts in one week!  And I'm not even back from hiatus yet either.  But this is super important, so I hope you can take a quick moment to give this some consideration.

My BFF, author Lisa Regan's, debut novel, Finding Claire Fletcher, is a two-time finalist in the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards.  It's up for Best Novel and Best Hero/Heroine.  She seems to have Best Heroine category clinched, but is trailing the leader by a few votes in Best Novel and could use some help.

Now, I realize, some will not want to vote for a book they have not yet read, and I totally understand that, so no spanking necessary.  But if you don't object and wouldn't mind going through the process of registering then voting, I would really love your help!

You see, not only is Finding Claire Fletcher a superbly written and fantastic story -- one ripped from the headlines BEFORE there even were headlines -- it rates 4.8 stars on Amazon with 60 of its 70 ratings at 5-stars, and 8 more at 4-stars.  Plus, unlike its leading competition in the awards, Finding Claire Fletcher ranks consistently well in sales.  That should tell you something:  Not only do people love it, they WANT to buy it!  It's that good!  

So, if you're on board to help, this is how you can vote:

1. Go HERE and register. (REGISTER is at the top OR just click on this link).  Don't worry, you will NOT receive any unwanted spam mail from them at all.


At the CONFIRMATION CODE captcha -- if it's a video, hit the play button and a phrase will come up along the bottom of the video after 2-4 seconds. Just type that phrase into the blank space at the bottom of the video box. If it's only a simple captcha, then just input the characters.

Below that, after you AGREE TO THESE TERMS and hit SUBMIT, you're actually DONE.  It will take you to a page that says, "You're almost finished…" THAT'S AN AD. You don't actually have to do anything there. So close out the page.

2. Then go HERE to the Awards Hall to vote.


There will be a list of polls.  BEST HERO/HEROINE is closer to the top and BEST NOVEL is almost halfway down the list.  Just click on each poll (or the links I provided above) and you will be taken to a list of books to vote for.  You can go back to the Awards Hall and vote on other polls.

THAT'S IT!!  Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.  I hope we can pull Lisa's book up to the #1 position it so rightly deserves.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Will do!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Consider it done.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

You only have to ask.

Andrew Leon said...

I will go take a look.

Anonymous said...

No problem . . . you are a wonderful friend!!

Chuck said...

I not only voted but I bought it for my Kindle. You word is good enough for me and the intro sounds very interesting.

You are a good friend to Lisa.

Chuck at Apocalypse Now

Elizabeth Seckman said...

You are the best friend in the universe. How sweet!!

Best of luck to Lisa. Finding Claire was awesome!

Lisa Regan said...

you ARE the greatest friend in the universe!!!! I cannot thank you enough and many thanks to everyone else for all the support!!!! :)

Carrie Butler said...

Hooray for Lisa! :D